Клуб «Пропаганда»


The oldest and famous club in Moscow

The legendary Moscow club from which began the history of the club movement of Moscow in 1997.

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Клуб «Пропаганда»

Клуб «Пропаганда»

Клуб «Пропаганда»

Клуб «Пропаганда»

People in the know affectionately call the club «the Tube», although the full name much better reflects the core mission of the institution is to promote this club a way of life. Pointless to list all the artists and DJs from around the world, visited the hospitable walls of the club legends, too many of them.

Even far from the night life of the man in the street probably at least once heard of «Thursdays of Sanchez», which are still the hallmark of «Propaganda». The club has many times changed its look and became the center of scandals, but has always survived even in the hardest times. «Propaganda» is a landmark of the capital of Russia with its history and glory.

Night court and the bar are open every day of the week without weekends. The day of the «Propaganda» becomes a cafe where you can dine or try their smoothies. And in the evening here listening to music and having a blast. And parties take place here every day, Monday through Sunday.


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